Our Tokens



The world has changed and now you can tokenize any asset – real estate, art, cars.

Any property with value!! Even a business.
We specialize in Real Estate with our FLIP TOKENS.

Think of it as timeshares on steroids. Each unit is fractionalized into designated units as a token.
This new method allows any investor to contribute via this affordable model.

Looking to raise funds to buy & flip a property?
Update an existing house? or build new then sell?
The possibilities are endless.
This is crowd-sourcing at its best. Blast off on our marketplace launch pad- uniting the broker/builder with the investor in one easy-to-use platform.

Flip Tokens

Flip Tokens

Do you have a house you want to buy & flip? Low on Funds? Want to invest in tokenized real estate -don’t where to start?

We service a niche market providing underfunded projects by helping the savvy fixer-upper with tokens to raise the money to buy a distressed property, update it, and then sell.

By helping create a token we offer investors in our digital land real estate services an answer when banks say no!

A list of tokens will be posted for the typical investor to purchase starting at $50. When the target amount is full the project is started -updated— and sold; with profits back to the token investor and the builder.

No rug pulls here. We adhere to all federal regulations.
When acting as consultants or certified appraisers we must follow all federal guidelines. Were the pros you hire in the real world.