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Your one stop shop to safely invest in metaverse real estate

would you buy a house in the real world without knowing its market value?

Digital land is becoming as expensive as real land... Our proprietary algorithm evaluates the value of metaverse real estate just like properties in the real world...

We can appraise properties in all metaverse lands...

We can help you sell your land for its maximum potential based on current list to sale ratios...

We can help you maximize your rental income for your land based on your property’s location...

We can help find the ideal land for you to buy or rent based on your own personal needs...

Whether you are a beginner or advanced metaverse enthusiast, we have the tools you need to succeed!

How does it work ?


We have developed technology to generate reports instantly that will give you accurate appraisals. Our appraisals will take into account all aspects of the land in question including size, location, proximity to various landmarks and businesses and comparable sales.

your financial bodYguard

We are licensed real estate appraisers in the real world. Whether we are appraising metaverse properties or real life properties, we must adhere to strict Federal regulations and guidelines. In an unregulated new world, think of us as your financial bodyguards!


Even though we can't reveal much at this stage, our first NFT collection is composed of 20,000 units of a Robotic Army.

A set of 20K digital collectibles composed of 20 traits divided in three categories: Gold Medal, Silver Medal and Bronze Medal.

Later on, we plan to do two more collections of an Alien Army and a Cyborg Army.

The mission of the above-mentioned armies is to protect the Metaverses and its citizens from a powerful threat.


It's not because we focus on the metaverse that we don't care about the real world... 

We are the stewards of the planet... Yet, it has only been a little over 1 century since the combustion engine and the rise of the industrialists that started our current predicament.

With rising seas, air & land pollution, chemical & oil spills, toxic & nuclear waste, and country-sized islands of waste & debris floating in the middle of the oceans caught in the currents, the clock is ticking and we will not be able to rewind it. We need to save our real land to truly enjoy our digital land.

What steps can you take to ensure your children or relatives have a beautiful environment? The key is where to start... It starts at Gaialaxy! 


The founders


Michael Struck

Michael, a certified real estate appraiser, has been valuing residential and income producing properties for 24 years. He patented the 1st metaverse real estate appraisal app & algorithm in 2021.

And with other successful enterprises under his belt, he saw the many disadvantages people entering the metaverse can come across if not experienced. 

Employing his motto that people can have everything in life taken, except their honor & integrity, he became driven to offer people a solution when purchasing digital land at market value. 


Carlos Mendez

Carlos Mendez is a seasoned project management professional and researcher that's been focused on industry and business change.

He started researching the crypto space in 2012 and has become more involved over the past 6 years.

Carlos has a background in Finance and Accounting and holds an MBA from Florida's top ranked school, Rollins College.


Sebastian purcell

Sebastian developed his three-stage algorithm for trading cryptocurrencies and gained an online following for its massive and uncorrelated performance with Bitcoin.

He is the founder of the online crypto trading school "The Art of The Bubble".

In his graduate study at Boston College, he developed 3 areas of focus: ethics, non-Western philosophy, and logic.



Miguel has a Degree in Fine Arts from Complutense University, Madrid, and a Masters in Art Direction, Communication and Creativity from Tracor, The Communication Arts Institute, Madrid. He has worked in Madrid, London and Venezuela as an artist, art director and creative for more than 30 years.

As an artist, Miguel thinks NFTs are the future of art. Decentralized art that gives more power and control to the artists.


Dushan Jancik

After studying Philosophy at Lausanne's University in Switzerland, Dushan dropped out to become a serial-entrepreneur in 2009... 

His area of expertise is direct marketing and ethical persuasion online. His mission is to use these tools to promote good ideas that are worth it. 

He caught the Crypto virus in 2016, and has been involved in many crypto projects since then.


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