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real estate appraisals & consulting in south carolina, for 26 years and counting!

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  • We specialize in $ multi-million water related (inc docks, deeded beaches etc.) complex, mixed use, land, new construction, legal, multi- family & residential, for 26 years and counting!
  • We are the new hybrid-appraiser/broker: the alternative in selling or purchasing any type of real estate. We provide insights many do not consider. 
  • Most jobs turned down due to complexity by others... we accept! Whether its a mortgage, estate, bankruptcy, loan, abatement, divorce, insurance, listing/marketing values- we have a product to fill your needs.
  • Covering the Midlands & Lake Murray area - in addition to most counties in South Carolina - has provided insights & an experience level that ensures your valuation needs are accurate. Living & working in the Midlands is a must to understand the nuances.
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our services:

Mortages Broker / Homeowners Listings

From standard to FHA/HUD & Jumbo- Action Appraisals has a product. Free consulting research available before time is spent on a loan that you are concerned about. Are you concerned your list price is not market? Do you want a valuable tool to secure that listing? Does having an appraisal benefit you during negotiations? We can show you how to maximize your profit potential in less time.

We are the new Hybrid-Appraiser/Broker. We ensure your list & purchase price is market & appraises at time of sale- this is a silent deal killer many are not aware of. The paradigm has shifted-homeowners are the new broker. With advent of the internet buyers & sellers are bypassing brokers to save money- We can ala-carte from report only to helping list-show &seal the deal.

Estates / Divorce / Bankruptcies - legal Abatements

Benjamin Franklin once quoted that " The only certainty in life is death & taxes" Unfortunately if he lived today he would include divorce. Although we are unbiased in our values we guide you with care through any difficult time.

Underwater Values

With values on a wild ride most assessor debts can not keep up current markets. If you feel your home is assessed incorrectly we provide you with a report that individualizes your home. Assessments are based on neighborhoods & each dwelling considered 2nd. We help point out the factors that need addressed .

Miscellaneous & Rental Management

Are you concerned your home is underwater in value for a refinance- ask about our affordable report. Values are rising. The past 2 years has seen double digit growth statewide.

From new construction to Flood plain concerns & any unique circumstance; we have a report to fit your needs. See Web Store for prices. Are you unsure if your rental is market or making the best profits? We cover all areas to ensure you have the best exposure & receiving current market rents. You will discover all the possibilities you never considered. Do you realize that you can rent seasonal per week & off season to corporations; so your property is available during the best months for weekly high seasonal vacation rents.

about us


Michael Struck

Michael, a certified real estate appraiser, has been valuing residential and income producing properties for 24 years. He patented the 1st metaverse real estate appraisal app & algorithm in 2021.

And with other successful enterprises under his belt, he saw the many disadvantages people entering the metaverse can come across if not experienced. 

Employing his motto that people can have everything in life taken, except their honor & integrity, he became driven to offer people a solution when purchasing digital land at market value. 

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